Gun Tactics II

The successor of GUN-TACTYX: The CROBOTS-like game with a QuakeIII-style graphics



[Windows] Download Executable and Documentation 0.9.4 2018/08/16 (140 Mb)
[Android] Not available yet


GT2 - Game Manual
GT2 - Lua Manual


* 0.9.4 2018/08/16

- Fixed another subtle bug in watch()

* 0.9.3 2018/08/14

- Added write() to save data on disk for debug purposes

* 0.9.2 2018/08/10

- Fixed a bug in watch() about bots behind obstacles were seen instead
- The winner is printed with its correct team color in the final dialog

* 0.9.1 2018/08/01
- Editable key bindings (look for keys with prefix * in startup dialog)
- No more odd behavior when _MyBots folder is empty
- getGunDir() is correctly implemented
- bots with errors in the script die only once
- added headDir() and getHeadDir() to change the sight, aim and watch directions
- the maximum view angle of watch() is now PI/2

* 0.9.0 2018/07/01
- Early release